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The Domain Name is for sale!   The domain name was purchased by Kevin as a college student back in 1999 and served to represent Kevin's illustrious karaoke singing career, our family's south Puget Sound karaoke business, 'Garyoke' ,  and used to promote the various programs, classrooms, projects, and creativeness of Mr. Gary over the course of 14 years.  


  •  There are over 120 people calling themselves "Garyoke" on the Internet; and 20 are related to disc-jocky businesses.   

  • Internet search traffic, world wide, is roughly 50,000 hits/year .   

  • Serious offers should be made to Kevin Gary by email at   .  If you're a garyoke, is for you!

  • Are you a fan of HBO's Veep?  "Garyoke" was/is a prominent character . 

  • Article: click here

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