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Highlights from Spain - April 2018

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Note I am writing this about a month after I visited. In future posts I will try and be more detailed as I'm visiting.

In April for spring break 2018 I traveled to Barcelona and Madrid for one week (eight days total) Both were beautiful cities with an abundant amount of things to do.

Departed from my home airport (Sea-Tac International) on Lufthansa Airlines non stop to Frankfurt with a connection to Barcelona. While at SeaTac Lufthansa was celebrating their 10th anniversary and free cake was awarded to everyone who boarded the airplane.

In Barcelona, I focused on going to the beach, visited (outside) the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Cathedral, walked "Las Ramblas" , explored the gothic quarter, and took a side trip to Montserrat Mountain where I did some hiking. There are numerous trails around Montserrat to enjoy and the mountain staff give you a map when you get there. Getting to Montserrat was fairly easy; took a metro train from Barcelona (about an hour trip) which drops one off right at a transfer station.

After Barcelona I took a high speed train to Madrid where I was easily able to connect to the Madrid Metro to go to my hotel. Madrid is a gorgeous historic city; some of my highlights involved visiting the Royal Palace of Madrid, eating a 9-course Tapas meal, taking a side trip to Toledo, visited the Mercado San Miguel , Plaza Mayor, and just about every other suggestion the Rick Steeves' Visit Madrid book suggested.

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